There are many resources available to help patients develop a low-iodine diet. buy viagra online india   examples of foods that need to be avoided include: seafood, dairy products and salt. has least side effects viagra viagra Q:  what about hormone replacement? buy viagra online india A: hormone replacement is necessary after a thyroidectomy. Synthetic hormones are readily available and must be taken for the remainder of a patients’ life. Synthetic thyroid hormones are given at a slightly increased level than normal to suppress tsh. Tsh stimulates growth of the thyroid so suppression of tsh is necessary to prevent disease recurrence or spread. Buy viagra for women uk Patients will be monitored by an endocrinologist to manage hormone levels. Q:  what about chemotherapy? buy viagra online A: chemotherapy is rarely used to treat thyroid cancer. buy viagra online Because of the high rates of cure using surgery and rai alone, it is often not necessary. However, it may be used if the disease is recurrent or very aggressive and other methods have been exhausted. buy generic viagra online cheap Chemotherapy is more commonly used in older patients. viagra online Q:  what kind of follow up will i need? generic viagra from india A: according to nccn clinical practice guidelines, a physical examination and a blood test to check  thyroglobulin, tsh and antithyroglobulin antibodies levels are recommended at 6 and 12 months after initial treatment, then annually if disease free. Periodic neck ultrasounds may be necessary. Radioactive iodine scans are recommended only in patients with a tnm stage of t3-t4 or m1, or if there is an abnormal blood test result. These tests may be performed using synthetic tsh except in high-risk cases when going hypothyroid is recommended for a period before the scan. Viagra vs viagra food Q:  can my cancer recur? A: thyroid cancer recurs in approximately 15-35 percent of cases. Recurrence can occur up to decades after initial treatment. generic viagra online overnight shipping It most often recurs in the lymph nodes in the neck.   regular follow-up by your doctor with a physical exam is the best way to check for recurrence. buy cheap viagra Rarely, thyroid cancer can metastasize to the lungs or bones. Q:  what is the prognosis? buy generic viagra A: the prognosis for young adults diagnosed with thyroid cancer is excellent. The overall survival rate in patients with local or loco-regional disease is 97-100 percent. viagra viagra karşılaştırması According to seer data, those diagnosed in the 15-29 age group have a greater than 99 percent chance of five-year survival. Q:  what about thyroid cancer and pregnancy? buy viagra A: thyroid cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed during pregnancy, after breast cancer. buy viagra online india Surgery can usually be postponed until the mother has given birth. If surgery is necessary sooner, it may be performed in the second trimester. viagra 25 mgr Rai is not given during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Viagra no prescription paypal Women have an increased need for thyroid hormones during pregnancy. viagra in the uk for sale Syntheti. mg of viagra buy viagra

KJMS Vol. 11, No. 1

KJMS Vol. 7

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Kanem Journal of Medical Sciences

Kanem Journal of Medical Sciences (KJMS) is a biannual peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers on experimental and clinical research, up-to-date reviews of topical issues, as well as case reports. It publishes articles on all aspects of medical sciences.

The journal is dedicated to offer the latest information on medical sciences and relevant basic science researches to the medical practitioners, medical students and other healthcare providers. As a result of growth challenges and the solutions for problems at hands using an evidenced-based approach.

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Manuscripts not conforming to the correct format are liable to be returned or rejected.

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