KJMS Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

KJMS Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement 

Kanem Journal of Medical Sciences is a Peer Reviewed Journal committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics to ensure public trust.  KJMS adheres to the publications ethics recommended by the Council of Science Editors (CSE), the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).


Authors listed on a manuscript submitted to KJMS should have made significant contribution to the conception, design, execution, interpretation, drafting or writing, or substantially revised or critically reviewed the reported work and share responsibility and accountability of its content in all stages of the publication process.

 Originality and plagiarism

Authors are to ensure that their work is original and should appropriately cite/quote the work or words of others including data and images.

 Data access and retention

Authors should be aware that they may be asked to provide the raw data of their work for review where necessary.

Data fabrication and falsification

Authors submitting their article to KJMS should ensure that all data are accurate, and representative of their research. They should be aware that making up findings (data fabrication) and/or their manipulation through omission, changes, addition etc. (data falsification) is considered a grievous offence by KJMS and such article will be immediately rejected.

Multiple submission and redundant or concurrent publication

KJMS discourages and will not accept a submission or continue with the processing of a manuscript found to have been submitted to other journal/s.  Authors are also advised not to publish many very similar manuscripts based on the same research findings.

Conflicts of interest

Authors must include in their submission a statement of disclosure of all relationships (financial, commercial, legal, professional etc.)  that could constitute a potential conflict of interest.

Significant errors in article noticed after publication

When published article is discovered to have a significant error or a misconduct, corrective measures that can be employed by KJMS include: Expression of Concern, Correction (Erratum or Corrigendum), Retraction or Removal in accordance with COPE guidelines

Reporting standards

Authors should give accurate report of their work in a way that support easy verification and reproduction. This report should comprehensively describe the research rationale, protocol, methodology, and analysis as appropriate following the study design and specific consensus-based reporting guidelines such as STROBE, CONSORT, PRISMA, MOOSE etc.

Biohazards and human or animal subjects

Human research (individuals, samples or data) must be performed in accordance with the principles stated in the Declaration of Helsinki and ethical approval obtained from local institutional review board (IRB) or other appropriate ethics committee to confirm the study meets national and international guidelines for research on humans. Voluntary informed consent must be obtained in accordance with the principles of

Nuremberg Code and the Belmont Report.

Animal studies including field studies and other non-experimental research must be carried out after obtaining approval from the relevant institutional ethics committee and should be reported according to recommended guidelines.

Statements of compliance with institutional biosafety and biosecurity policies are required if the work involves chemicals, procedures or equipment that have any unusual hazards in accordance with national or international recommendations

Use of patient images or case details

Use of patient images or case details require consent and ethics committee approval. Authors should obtain the necessary written permission to include such material if owned and held in copyright by a third party


Where advertisement is done in KJMS, we ensure that advertisers have no control over editorial material under any circumstances.